A mountain resort hotel on
the summit of Utsukushigahara

Ougatou Hotel is the panoramic view in a mountain top in altitude 2034m Utsukushigahara-Kogen Plateau and the mountain resort hotel which can enjoy various activity.
You can observe trekking and naturalness in summer and enjoy a snow shoe, cross-country skiing and a snow-car experience tour in winter.
You can take a picture of beautiful great outdoors and mountain through four seasons again, so it’s possible to be also the photography spot many cameramen visit and see grand pretty view and flowering plant.

There is also various freeTour such as the high plain plant with which you can participate for free of charge according to the season, the natural observation tour that a view is enjoyed and a starry sky observation meeting.

Please enjoy nice Japanese sightseeing and activity in Ougatou Hotel.

Guest Room

You can choose the room suitable for the resort stay according to the style of travel.

Suite Room

Suite room Akane

This room features a chic interior.
The twin bedroom and living room have fashionable classic-style furniture.
There is also a dining room, a Japanese-style room and an observation bathroom

Suite room Hoshi

A room with a large and comfortable sofa.
There are stylish twin bedrooms, as well as Japanese-style room and dining rooms.
There is a view bath with a good view.

Suite room Aya

Large open windows and baths with a good view are popular rooms.
The main room is a twin-bed room with a Japanese-style room and dining room.

Standard room

Japanese-Western style room

Japanese-Western style rooms (South Building) are equipped with two beds and tatami mat.
Spacious rooms will allow you to enjoy the view of majestic mountains.

Rooom Information


Check-in 14:00
check-out 10:00


TV, refrigerator, electric teapot,
safe, hair dryer


Towel set (bath towel, face towel),
Samue (indoor clothes), toothbrush

* After check out, please feel free to stay at Lobby longue or terrace until the departure of free shuttle bus.

* We do not have late check out

* The extra fees that occur during your stay, such as drink and food fees, can be paid in cash(Japanese yen) only.
It won’t be possible to use credit cards and e-money to pay fees whilst at the hotel.


Indoor bath with an opened window

It’s the bathroom where bathing can be enjoyed while looking at the scenery of the high plain and a starry sky.
The bathing which is while wishing for sunrise can also be enjoyed.

Open anytime except for the cleaning time.

The windows are closed in case of bad weather.

Outlook bath

Enjoy bathing while enjoying a beautiful view from a big bathtub.
The relaxation room rested slowly is also established attached to after a bath.

Open anytime except for the cleaning time.

Private bath

The private bath which can be used for free of charge
Autumn will open a window, and is an outdoor hotspring bath from spring.

Open anytime except for the cleaning time.

The windows are closed in case of bad weather.

Relax room

There is a relaxing room where you can relax after taking a bath.
Please relax and enjoy beautiful scenery such as mountains and sea of clouds, and enjoy chatting with your partner.

Open anytime except for the cleaning time.


* It can be used anytime except for cleaning time.

* The windows are closed in case of bad weather.


Nagano gourmet meals best are tasted.

Enjoy a wonderful dinner with seasonal creative dishes made with Nagano Prefecture vegetables and seasonal ingredients.
Nagano Prefecture’s brand ingredients “Shinshu beef” and “Shinshu salmon” are used, and local vegetables and seasonal ingredients are used.
This is a special dish suitable for a wonderful dinner.

Sticking river fish and Shinshu beef.

The special dish of Ougatou Hotel is Iwana-no-Shioyaki.
Using natural spring water, Char raised in a private pond is very chewy and fragrant and has a lot of joy.
In Japan, Char is a very valuable river fish.

Gourmet meals in the dining on the cloud

There are two dining’s: Yamabuki and Nagomi
The warmth of wood interior provides relaxed atmosphere and makes your food taste more delicious.


* We make every effort to satisfy guests’ requests regarding menu (allergies, religious etc.).
let us know at least three days before your check-n

* All accommodation plans include dinner and breakfast..

* Please note that there are no restaurants, convenience stores or grocery stores in the vicinity.

Free Activities

Ougatou Hotel provides a number of free events to make your stay here unforgettable Events are held regularly.

*It’s a service for guests only.

(Every night)

Every night we have a slideshow of the scenery of the four seasons of Utsukushigahara.

Starry sky observation
(May to Octobert)

When the weather is nice, we have a tour to see the starry sky.

The panoramic view tour
(May to October)

It is a tour to enjoy nature guides and alpine plants and scenery.

Snow vehicle cruising
(January to March)

In winter, we have a snow-car experience tour that runs through the heavy snowy field.


Tenku Café

The menu such as the homemade menu of the light meal and a drink menu is a rich cafe.
opening hours: 9.00 – 15.30


Located on an elevation of 2034 m above sea level, the terrace overlooks a panoramic view.

Hoshi no Terrace

There is a stellar terrace which can be spent freely while looking at a starry sky and a sea of cloud.

Free space

A book is read, and there is space where you can spend a talk willfully slowly.

Souvenir Shop

We offer a large assortment of goods
You can find local sake and local products of Shinshu region here
Working hours: 9.00 – 15.30


There are photos of the scenery around the hotel taken by photographers and guests exhibited in the gallery.

Front Desk

24 hours, We help to travel best.

Hotel policies & services


Check-in 14:00
check-out 10:00


The accommodation fee should be paid (on card) beforehand, when you book.
The extra fees that occur during your stay, such as drink and food fees, can be paid in cash(Japanese yen) only.
It won’t be possible to use credit cards and e-money to pay fees whilst at the hotel.


Guests can use free wi-fi around the lobby and communal rooms, however due to our hotel being on top of a mountain, the internet network is slow. It’s fine for browsing websites, but it cannot be used for watching videos from video streaming websites, downloading apps & data, etc.

If you are planning on using the internet for any of the aforementioned purposes, please prepare a personal internet service, such as a modem or SIM card.


Luggage storage service,Vending machine,24hFrontDeskService


A guest room and inside of the building are no smoking.
Please use a smoking area.

We do not provide currency exchange.

* Please do not take you pets on a trip because it is National Park area.

* In case you miss our free shuttle bus, there is a risk of not reaching the hotel.
So please come in advance.

* Send your baggage 2-3 days before you arrive because its delivery to the mountain takes time.

* The altitude is 2024 m, so there is no need to worry about altitude sickness, but if you have a chronic disease, please check with your doctor.
Because of the mountaintop, we can’t go to the hospital or an ambulance can come right away.

* Cancellation is available 8 days before the check-in.
During New Year holidays cancellation is available 14 days before the check-in

* Cancellation charges apply from seven days prior to your expected arrival.
(2~7 days prior: 30%, day before: 50%, that day: 100%)